Sporting San Diego Classic 2018 - Review

Hosting our inaugural tournament this year was, for the most part, what we expected. We had a number of things that went extremely well and found some areas that need improvement. Our tournament had over 100 teams participate and with that many moving parts, there were bound to be some hiccups and lessons learned. Our venues included Hickman, Nobel, and UC High School for a total of 12 fields and games started at 8am and continued until 6pm, which made for extremely long days. We had a tremendous amount of help from our staff and volunteers in order for everything to come together. Our staff were the first ones at the field and the last ones to leave, moving canopies, goals, and whatever else was needed in order for things to run smoothly.

The week before the tournament can be very stressful, but once Saturday morning comes and the first games begin, the tournament almost runs itself. We found knowledgeable field marshals that were key to managing all venues as they were able to point team managers and parents in the right direction. We also learned that you can never have too much help when it comes to setting up and breaking down the event. Next year we will make sure to be over-staffed rather than under-staffed as we learned that lesson the hard way. We had lots of tired staff Sunday night and we think we could manage that area much better in 2019. 

As the tournament was wrapping up on Sunday, we had eight Sporting SD teams that played for a championship and four that brought home the trophy. There were other Sporting SD teams that played extremely well but didn’t get the bounces that weekend. All in all the competition was tight and all teams competed well through the weekend. With everything that we experienced through this tournament process, we are confident that we can improve in 2019 in all aspects. Sporting San Diego would like to thank everyone that was involved with our tournament this year, our staff, volunteers, Dixieline Home and Lumber Centers, and especially all of the teams and different clubs that supported our tournament. We look forward to seeing everyone again in 2019.