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Youth Training

Sporting San Diego’s Developmental program is the foundation for young and upcoming players. The program fosters players from 4 to 10 years old and teaches the basic skills and principals of soccer. The coaches of Sporting San Diego’s Developmental program teach lessons that will enhance players confidence and cultivate a life long passion for the game. The program is primarily for player new to soccer, but is also beneficial for players who have some experience playing the sport.

Over the course of  8 weeks, basic principals such as passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting, and other skills will help players progress their knowledge of the game. During practices, players focus on mastering these skills, by participating in games designed by our staff. The games are useful in teaching the principals in a fun and enjoyable way. Younger players better retain the proper mechanics of  passing, recieving and shooting through these developmental activities.   

All of the Sporting Developmental Coaches are licensed and chosen specifically for their abilities to work and nurture young players. These coaches have played on high-level club teams as well as in college and know what skills young players need to be successful to move to the next level. Our goal for this program is to instill confidence, give players the skills needed to be successful, while still being in a fun and nurturing environment.